Our Vision

Carbon capture combined with natural gas, clean electrical power generation is THE energy transition

VPS strongly contends that renewables by themselves will not meet North American electrical demand for the foreseeable future

VPS will develop commercial, cash-flowing projects that provide steady, carbon-free clean electrical supply by decarbonizing fossil fuels though new application of existing technology

Fossil fuels remain the predominant world energy supply, with ~80% of demand being met by fossil fuels

  • Renewables face an enormous challenge to close the gap
  • Relative cost to transition from fossil fuels to renewables is un-sustainable with current technology/costs

Electricity suppliers are attempting to reduce emissions by switching to (intermittent) renewables, but also need to develop dependable supply

  • Abundant natural gas will continue to be a critical source of electrical power
  • Electricity must be clean, but we can’t get there without fossil fuels

Emissions-Free Power Generation

Valverde will create projects that can provide steady, clean electrical supply (non-CO2) and still use the power and convenience of fossil fuels. Valverde will use Carbon Capture and Storage (CCUS) to reduce CO2 emissions while providing much needed electrical power. CCUS will be a vital part of getting to “Net Zero” by 2050 according to the IEA.