A Management Team with Proven Success

Gareth Roberts and his team in Dallas, Texas have many years of experience in managing and sequestering carbon dioxide. Mr. Roberts was the founder of Denbury Resources (NYSE: DNR), an oil company with substantial carbon dioxide operations, and was the CEO for 20 years. The key Valverde employees and one of the directors have all worked with Roberts at Denbury and have been significant participants in its success.

Roberts also found a company in the U.K. in 2010 (2CO) to develop clean energy options with carbon sequestration in the North Sea. As a result of this experience, VPS is well positioned to take advantage of the new political punch for clean energy in North America and transition fossil fuels to clean electricity. 

Our view is that renewables by themselves will not meet the electrical requirements of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The VPS team have expertise and experience with CCUS solutions, and provide an integrated approach delivering project management, engineering and revolutionary technology.

Gareth Roberts
CEO & Director

David de la Fuente

John Snyder
Director of Business Development

Ginger Guthrey
Administration Director

David P. Charles
Director of Investor Relations
& Corporate Secretary

Darrell Davis
Senior Engineer

Terry Thorn
Project Development Advisor