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Emissions-Free Power Generation: How It Works

Our projects will use natural gas combusted in pure oxygen to produce power and pure carbon dioxide which can be captured and safely stored underground. The electricity produced will be a dependable and constant supply – providing an important supplement to intermittent renewable electricity supplies.  Learn more about this leading-edge technology.

OFT 900 Oxy Fuel Turbine

Direct Steam Gas Generator

Integrated Power Network: The Rocket Enables Other Clean Technologies

Integrating several energy solutions is the most efficient way to deliver clean energy. The Oxy Fuel Process can be at the center of bringing different energy “silos” together.

  • Clean Hydrogen can be produced from the water and power delivered by the Oxy Fuel Power Plant
  • Oxygen can be used from the hydrogen electrolysis process for the oxygen plant
  • The intermittent power problem from renewables can be solved with clean energy produced for the grid by the Oxy Fuel process
  • Excess power from renewables can also be used to support the Oxy Fuel process