Hestia Project


The Hestia Project has commenced preliminary front-end engineering design (Pre-FEED) to assess and demonstrate two North American emission-free power projects utilizing Clean Energy System’s proven Oxy-Fuel burner technology.  The Oxy-Fuel burner technology is licensed by Valverde and owned by Clean Energy Systems (“CES”), a global leader in the development and deployment of carbon-reducing energy systems. The scalable CES Oxy-Fuel solution is designed to provide 10 MW to 100 MW of emission-free electrical power to meet the customer’s specific project requirements.

The U.S. project utilizes a natural gas return-stream contaminated with CO2,  in an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operation. The Canadian project utilizes pipeline-quality natural gas also in an EOR operation. Upon completion, each project will generate carbon-free electrical power used in oil field operations and for sale to the grid, while the CO2   is safely sequestered in the oil and gas reservoir for 100% capture of the GHG emissions.

VPS serves as project manager for the two Hestia projects.  The Hestia Project participants include:

  • Malaysian international shipping company, MISC Berhad (misc.com.my)
  • Oxy-Fuel technologist, Clean Energy Systems (cleanenergysystems.com) and;
  • Valverde Power Solutions
  • Norwegian engineering and service company, Aker Solutions

Oxy-Fuel Benefits to Oil and Gas Operators

  • Additional CO2 provided extends economic life of reserves in the ground and can lower lease operating expense (LOE)
  • Reduced carbon foot-print
  • Can qualify for Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS)
  • Eliminates or reduces electricity draw from the grid
  • Now qualifies for 45Q under the new CO2 threshold under Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
  • Reduced or eliminated emissions can help meet ESG requirements