Oxy Fuel Burner (The Rocket) Produces Emission-Free Power

  • VPS intends to fund and install generating capacity using the Rocket
  • The Rocket burns low-BTU content gas, often at zero-cost basis
  • Clean electricity is to customer or grid
  • CO2 is sold and/or sequestered for 45Q credits

A Cost-Effective Solution for Existing Energy & Industrial Companies

VPS offers a cost-effective solution for existing Energy and Industrial companies to transition to Clean Energy businesses. Our strategy is to be a developer and equity partner of new, emission-free power projects, initially in North America.

  • With the completed licensing of the Rocket Oxy Fuel technology, our team will advance the technology application in a strategic partnership with the developer.
  • Identify the best locations for projects; highly attractive projects have already been identified by VPS through extensive energy industry relationships and discussions with industry partners and customers to reach a consensus.
  • Identify key technical partners and suppliers for each project.
  • Design and manage feasibility and engineering work for each project using capital partners. Collect fees at milestones.
  • Assemble the final investment partners for the project. Valverde will collect success fees, licensing fees and net-profit interests in each completed project. VPS may invest in the project or sell fully developed projects.

Our Potential Customers

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Refining Industry
  • University Market
  • Coal-Fired Power Industry
  • Traditional Power Industry
  • Infrastructure Investors