Oxy Fuel Burner (The Rocket) Produces Emission-Free Power

  • VPS intends to fund and install generating capacity using the Rocket
  • The Rocket burns low-BTU content gas, often at zero-cost basis
  • Clean electricity is to customer or grid
  • CO2 is sold and/or sequestered for 45Q credits

Oxy-Fuel Coverts Hydrocarbons to Clean, Electrical Power and Safely Sequesters CO2

  • VPS constructs, operates or sells dispatchable clean-power, carbon-capture projects
  • Our proven Oxy-Fuel technology burns contaminated gasses or natural gas (100% methane) in pure oxygen to produce clean power with zero emissions, eliminating difficult carbon capture
  • Oxy-Fuel technology can burn a wide range of gas qualities, burns dirty stream, ~20% methane
    • No other existing technology can accomplish this
  • Oxy-Fuel generates 100% CO2 for a 100% capture solution
  • Our dispatchable clean power complements wind and solar and allows for grid stability
  • Now, oil fields can reduce or eliminate emissions to help meet ESG requirements
  • Natural gas fields can produce carbon-free electricity for the grid and field operations

Our Potential Customers

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Refining Industry
  • University Market
  • Coal-Fired Power Industry
  • Traditional Power Industry
  • Infrastructure Investors