Our Partners

Keith L Pronske
President & CEO


Clean Energy Systems (CES) has developed technology that Is revolutionizing the power industry by eliminating the traditional exhaust stack and making Zero-Emission Power a reality.

  • Technology Developer
  • Patent on OxyFuel Burner (The Rocket)
  • 25 Professional Engineers
  • Based in California
  • Major Joint-Venture in California with Schlumberger, Chevron & Microsoft
  • CES Has Conveyed a Master License for the Oxy-Burner Technology to Valverde
  • CES is a Major VPS Shareholder
  • Led By Keith Pronske, 35 years of experience with Tractabel, BKi, AES Corporation and CES since January 2003

Pieter Kapteijn


TriGen Energy creates projects that generate emission-free power from (low quality) fossil fuels, using proprietary oxy-fuel combustion technology.

  • Engineering and Project Development
  • Global Project Experience
  • 10 Professionals
  • Worked on 15 Innovative Projects Worldwide
  • TriGen is a fully owned subsidiary of Valverde
  • Led by Pieter Kapteijn, 40 years of experience with Shell and Maersk Oil
Conventional emissions combine nitrogen from the air with carbon dioxide making a combination that is difficult to separate. At VPS, we have teamed up with the “CES Oxy-Fuel Burner” which we affectionately refer to as “The Rocket” – leading edge technology that creates a pure stream of CO2 to be transported & sequestered. 

—Gareth Roberts Valverde Founder & Carbon Sequestration & Capture Expert